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When there is a will there is a way for contraries to exist and develop light. Observing, Embracing, Emboding male and female, light and darkness, enables liberation in a sphere where opposites unite to merge and elevate the soul. A point of will, a sphere of joy, an act of creation.

Venue 1: Participation in the Busan Art Fair with Paris Koh Fine Arts Seoul, South Korea April 2018 

Curated by Paris Koh Fine Arts, NY, USA

Venue 2: Exhibition at August 2018 in Seoul, South Korea

Venue 3: Participation in the Art Ansan September 2018 with Pink Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Venue 4: Artist Talk and Presentation at, 14 October 2018 in Seoul, South Korea

Venue 5: Participation in Plas2019 curated by in Seoul, South Korea

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