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Multifaceted Abstract Acrylic Paintings by Yiannis Kaminis

Most of the acrylic on canvas paintings created by Yiannis Kaminis can be hanged from different sides. This allows the owner to hang each painting from different sides and enjoy an entirely new sensation.

See below, how the painting titled Archetype Hub changes when seen from different sides for example. This painting is part of the Series Time Travel.

The same applies for the acrylic on canvas abstract painting titled: Memory Fragments which and it is also part of the Time Travel series.

All paintings are signed and dated at the back by Yiannis Kaminis so the owners can change the direction of the painting to their liking without the signature indicating the side to hang it.

Yiannis Kaminis showing how he signs and dates each abstract acrylic painting at the back side to allow the owner to place it to his/her liking.

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