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International platform Singulart hosts Yiannis Kaminis

Singulart: Is there a quote that best represents you as an artist?

YK: The essence of everything changes, and this is ultimately a good thing! Life is our gift!

Singulart: What was your first experience with art? What made you want to become an artist? YK: Having to deal with a personal crisis, I discovered that art was the only refuge I could find to survive it. Painting became the way to express what could not be said. It allowed a space for me to connect inner pieces of myself with the world. I was amazed by the free flow energy manifesting in form, connecting spirit with matter and giving life to the energy of archetypes active in my system. This ultimately became my way of life. Later on, I discovered I could do this for other people and help them with their own existential issues through my art. I discovered that painting is a manifestation of both conscious and unconscious life and at the same time an act of balance in personal and hopefully global terms. Today, I focus on vibrations, ideas, music, people and phenomena to create positive and sometimes, cathartic imagery that holds a multifaceted meaning.

Singulart: Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?

YK: My work could not be separate from my biography. Having a background in communication, psychoanalysis and energy healing my painting themes entail catalytic elements of all. Driven from the need to connect worlds and realms while investigating life at a natural existential level, my art series are titled: Edge Perception, Joyful Encounter, Eternal Wisdom, Transcendent Freedom, Abundance, Thy Will, States of Existence, New Life, Time Travel, Paradox, Indigo Souls and Endless Summer.

Singulart: Could you tell us a bit about your artistic approach? (Style, medium and specific techniques.)

YK: I paint in abstract form with acrylic colors on canvas. Each painting is signed in the back as most of them can be hanged from different sides and allow a new form and interpretation. The paintings have a 3D effect, some of them with a heavy paste and some are varnished. I follow an intuitive and meditative process which begins with choosing the colors. For example, if I paint for an individual I will focus on the colors of their energy field and choose the ones which are most dominant. These colors represent the presiding qualities and/or blessings and challenges the person has in the specific period of time (sometimes it could be for a lifetime). Then I place my focus on the individual and I start the abstract painting. The free flow of energy develops forms, shapes, figures, archetypes, symbols and signs, which, as it has been proven many times, are connected with the life story of the person. The painting process is many times accompanied by music. I follow the same process and technique of single brushstrokes, for more generic themes focusing on ideas, phenomena, locations feelings and vibrations.

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