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INDIGO New Art Series by Yiannis Kaminis

A lot of the colors you see on this video have been imprinted on my soul the day I entered this cave in Crete, Greece. This new art series of abstract acrylic paintings is titled Indigo to represent the higher vibration of support from above with the intervention of Angels. You can see some pictures of the original energy art paintings below.

Painting Title: Indigo Souls - Medium: Acrylic on Canvas - Size: 1,40x1,00m - Signed and dated on the back


We are safe

In high vibration

The world is cured

Our will to heal is pure

With love

In service

Forever at peace

Born in the sky

We meet at the sea

Indigo colours for you and me

These paintings of acrylic on canvas are titled Angel 1, 2, 3 and 4. More of the paintings will be presented at by the end of May 2020

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