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Endless Summer - abstract art by Yiannis Kaminis

"Endless Summer" is the latest abstract art series of acrylic on canvas paintings by Yiannis Kaminis. The series is launched by a new collaboration with Loudos Fine Art & Auctions in the amazing Domes Miramare Corfu, Greece still going on since July 2020.

The art series cherishes the greek island summer scene where the incarnation of God of Love, Eros or Erotas, finds an endless summer locus, being searched by Alitheia, the truth, as the Ancient Greek myth recites. It all is part of a fantasy invocation of a lovers' meeting on a greek beach. Born as a Phoenix, Alitheia, finds love incarnated as a "Sunburnt Surprise" allowing the gaze and the touch of the beholder to live the pleasure of an earthly fantasy. It all ends too soon as the two have only met briefly in their perfect self projections, their love remains alive in an endless summer.


I dream of you my endless summer creation

I see you, my sunburnt surprise!

Yet I know it is me in you that I project

Could I ever meet the sun of love when truth is wondering far?

Still, I reach to feel your touch

as we dance to the wind back to back

by Yiannis Kaminis

Film Cast and Collaborators: Headpiece Jewelry: Vassilis Moralis - Music Performance: Eirini Alexiou (Saxophone) & Pavlina Tsakalakidou (Piano, Sound Bowls and Vocals) Make Up: Stavroula Xotoumanidou Film Production: Tasos Fokas created by #abstractart#acryliconcanvas#fineart#energyart#painting#paintings#loudosfineart#endlessummer#corfu#greece#summer2020#red#blue#gold#music#piano#saxophone#soundbowls#sunburntsurprise#yianniskaminis

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