A new life requires a new beginning. A birth of the new anew. In our life span this may happen infinite times in our cells, in our hearts and minds and with our aspirations. New life portends the infinite colors of the open sky and the sea.

Venue 1: Solo exhibition at Nord Gallery with paintings from the series “New Life”, July 2019, Spetses, Greece

Venue 2: Participation in MIAF2019 Art Bridge from New York to Myeongdong (20th Myeongdong International Art Festival) with paintings from the series “New Life” curated by Paris Koh, October 2019 in Seoul, South Korea

Venue 3: Participation with “Epimoni Techni” curated by Chris Barjoka at Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, November 2019, Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece

Venue 4: Participation in the collective art exhibition “Little Paris – Koukaki / Untouched by time” curated by Olga Latousaki, December 2019, at TRII ART HUB, Athens, Greece

Venue 5: Participation in the collective art exhibition “2020: High Vision” curated by Domna Chanoumidou at ArtZone 42 Gallery, January 2020, Athens, Greece


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